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Watch Astro AEC Malaysia Live streaming online I'm going to tell you how to set up your camera your microphone if you have one and how to set up your recording environment so you can make your videos as good as can be and we're starting right now
Watch Astro AEC Malaysia Live online

This is part 4 on my series on how to make high quality videos for youtube if you haven't watched the other videos yet there'll be links to those down in the description below as well as links to the rest of the videos in this series in this video we're going to go over camera angles lighting microphone position and background environments starting with camera angles when it comes to setting up for a youtube video the camera angles probably going to be the easiest part you're going to have to deal with there are only a few rules that you need to keep in mind the first is you don't want to put your camera too low the reason for this is as you can see in this example it's going to give you something called turkey neck. astro aec evening edition watch online

It's not very flattering you also don't want to put the camera too high because it's going to make your head look bigger it's going to make your body look smaller so it's going to give you kind of a distorted look so you don't want to do that either unless of course that's the look that you're going for instead put the camera directly in front of you at eye level this keeps you looking natural you also want to make sure that you're centered and not pushed over to the left or the right too much and if you do go over to the left and right make sure that you follow the rule of thirds what I mean by that is imagine the screen broken into nine squares you want to put yourself on the left line or the right line that keeps everything balanced in the frame instead of making everything seem weighted on one side that's pretty much it for camera angles let's move on lighting lighting is extremely important when it comes to the quality of your video

These days you can get low-cost lighting that looks fantastic you might even have some laying around your place right now just in case I will put some links down in the description below to some low-cost lighting that you can put together yourself at home on an extremely low budget i'll also put a few links to some other types of lighting you know soft boxes and things like that that you don't need to make high quality videos but depending on the types of videos that you're making they can be helpful always remember if you don't have the ability the budget or the desire to use artificial lighting you can always use the Sun it's the best light source that there is just make sure that you're close enough to a window that you're letting enough light come in and enough light shine on you to make everything look good of course you can also use soft boxes or leds or other fluorescents to do options but really to be honest with you in most cases especially if you're on a budget your money is better spent on equipment than. watch aec live

It is on lighting because you can you can get some really excellent results with some really really low budget lighting when you're setting up your lights you can give different effects or looks based on how you light yourself the most basic way to do it is to simply put a light on each front side of you like in this diagram keep in mind you can adjust the lights to give a different effect but this is the basic lighting setup used by most talking head and presentation style video creators microphone position okay this one is huge I can't even count how many youtube videos i've watched to where the video would have otherwise been fantastic the information is great

The video quality is great but the audio sucked this is a huge problem all over the place and I cannot stress enough how important good audio is for your videos personally I often watch youtube videos with my headphones on either you know i'll watch on my phone and i'll have my headphones on or i'll have my laptop out now I have my headphones on watching youtube and this really amplifies the problem of how horrible a lot of audio is so if you really want to check your audio then throw on some headphones and see how it sounds with headphones on and remember half of youtube actually more than half of youtube's traffic is mobile traffic and a lot of those people they're probably watching youtube with their headphones in so keep that in mind this is what audio sounds like coming from my camera without an external microphone

This and all of the audio that you've heard so far in this video is what it sounds like when I use my external mic if you already have an external mic you want to put it as close to you as you can a lot of people will get an external mic but they'll leave it on the hot shoe of the camera and the camera is a little bit of a distance away from them when they're recording so their audio can be drastically improved by simply moving the microphone closer to where they are here's another example and I did this in a previous video as well the audio that you're hearing right now the microphone is right here it's right here it's this close to me what you're hearing now is my mic position right by my camera so you can tell just from the difference

Those two examples what a huge difference the microphone being close to you can make don't get me wrong you can still get decent audio putting the mic on top of your camera after you process the audio but you're going to get better results easier and faster if you put the microphone as close to you as you can i highly recommend you know there's there's the video frame that you see right here I highly recommend putting the microphone just right on the outside so people can't see it but you know that it's right there close to you and the same thing applies if you get right up close to the microphone you can see the difference that it makes. astro aec free streaming

I can even lower my voice and it still sounds a lot better with me being right up close to the microphone as you can see microphone position can make a huge difference in the presence of your voice they can make a huge difference in the quality of your audio and it can make a huge difference in the amount of reverb that is getting picked up from the room that you are recording it one side tip that I want to give you is when you're recording your video make sure that you keep your editing and audio processing in mind for example at the beginning of every single video that I record I put up a color card and I stand there in silence for five to ten seconds usually 10 seconds

The reason for this is I use that clip to sample my whites and blacks from so that I can I can get my colors dialed in in my editing process and it gives me silence so when I process my audio I have an area of silence that I can pull from instead of having to scrub my video and hunt down a place in between my words that is silent that I can process from with that said one of the videos in this series is specifically about audio processing so make sure that you watch that a link for that will be in the description down below fat ground environment the background of your video as well as how you use your lighting helps to dick Tate the feel of your video for example. astro aec live streaming free

The training videos that I make like this I prefer to use the black background and the reason for that is because I want you focused on me I don't want you focused on what type of room I'm in I don't want you focused on something that's lying on the sofa I don't want you focused on anything but listening to the information that I'm giving you because you're watching my videos because you're trying to learn something so I do this black background for a reason I also use a lot of graphics in these videos and because of that if I have a graphic pop up on the screen it's going to look better if it's on a black background instead of my living room for example on my other channel all our questions I changed the background around quite a bit just to kind of change things up from time to time but the one that I like best is at my desk I use the blue light behind me because it contrasts with my skin which helps me stand out a little bit in the otherwise dark environment with this setup I'm still using myself as the focus but I use the monitor to let people know where they can find more videos or other things about the channel as well as watermark my videos

Since I'm also a Star Wars fan I keep the Star Wars figures there to identify myself with other Star Wars fans like myself whatever your background is if it's your bedroom your office or a hallway somewhere a studio or whatever it happens to be try to be mindful of what it is in your background because your background can say a lot about you depending on the background that you choose like if your office is a disaster or if your place is a disaster you know it says a lot about you so just keep all of that in mind when you're making your videos remember to check out tuber tools. Astro AEC live streaming

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