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Watch RTM TVi Malaysia Live streaming online I'm going to give you five foolproof ways to come up with video ideas consistently so you're never stuck without an idea for a YouTube video and we're starting right now
Watch RTM TVi Malaysia Live streaming online

This video is brought to you by tuber tools comm where you can find video graphics channel headers in cards and more pretty much everything you need for your youtube channel so if there's anything you need make sure to head over to tuber tools comm and check it out with that out of the way i've broken the process that I personally use to make youtube videos down to the ten parts this is video number one links to the rest of the videos are going to be down in the description below

If you have any ideas in addition to the stuff that you hear me say please feel free to leave it in the comments for other people who are going to see these videos if you're going to have a channel where you consistently upload videos you're going to have to have a steady stream of ideas because if you don't then you're not going to be putting up videos for very long here are five ways that you can consistently come up with video ideas so you can keep churning out new content for your viewers number one keyword research basically you go to the Google Keyword planner and put in a term that you have an interest in the planner will show you ideas related to that term or phrase if it has a decent number of searches let's say a thousand a hundred thousand and it's something you're interested in add it to your list of videos to make number two youtube's autocomplete youtube autocomplete is a goldmine of ideas

You're probably already using it when you search for something simply start typing any letter and youtube will start suggesting things people commonly search for you can pick anything from this list that fits your channel and make a video about it one tip that I use that I want to share with you is for my all our questions channel which is where I answer questions that people want answers to I simply go to youtube

I start with my question phrase I say what is and then youtube is going to suggest to me the things that people are actually wanting to know what is you can use this same idea for anything that you're doing this also works great if you make how-to videos or anything like that and another tip I have for you is let's say just for the sake of this example that you do make how-to videos you would start with how-to then you would type a and see all the things that come up then you type B

See all the things that come up and you keep doing this as you go through the entire alphabet looking for things that people are interested in number three Google and youtube trends Google youtube trend shows you what people are looking for right now and it shows you the history of what people have looked for in the past so that you can compare and find out if the topic that you're wanting to make a video for is something that people are still interested in or not I go a little bit more in-depth on Google and youtube trends in the next video about research but coming up with the video ideas if you're wanting to get some views off of a topic that's hot right now then Google and youtube trends is what you want a friend of mine that you should definitely check out if you enjoy my videos you're definitely going to enjoy his his name is Brian G Johnson he made a tutorial on how to use Google Trends

It is awesome so I'm going to put a link to that in the description as well number four niche websites and publications if you're channels about a particular subject you can keep it current by following the latest news feeds and trending topics on industry leading websites and publications for example if you make tech videos it's probably a really good idea to check out techcrunch and similar websites and publications if you're looking for ideas because they're going after a similar audience you don't necessarily have to say okay well they're making the VIP oast about the new iphone so I'm going to make a new post about the iphone but maybe you can read the post about the iphone and it can spawn a new idea

Something unique that you can deliver to your viewers number five other channels that are similar to yours even though we all try to be unique in our ideas for our videos and for our channels there's a really good chance that there's another channel out there if not a bunch of other channels out there that have been making videos for a long time and they probably have a huge archive of videos that you can check out to help you out with ideas go through their videos see what videos they made that were popular what videos they made that were not popular

See if you can make a similar video and make it better keep in mind you do not want to rip off their video you don't want to deliver the same exact information you want to use their video to spawn an idea for a video of your own that's going to reach your audience remember to check out tuber tools calm if you want to improve the quality of your videos and your channel also if you have questions or comments or suggestions about coming up with video ideas or maybe better way to do it feel free to leave it down in the comments below if this video helped you in any way remember to give it a thumbs up so other people can find this video in the future. Watch RTM TVi Malaysia Live streaming online

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