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Bola Sepak secara langsung What exactly is meant by live streaming? Simply put, live streaming can be defined as one way of broadcasting live broadcasts or impressions to audiences through multimedia networks, whether connected by wireless or non-wired or wireless, simultaneously or real time to the original event. The live streaming or streaming media technology is thus not affected by the time difference and the space between the broadcast and the receiving broadcast.

The existence of streaming technology or streaming media provides the flexibility to distribute audio data, video, and other multimedia data with internet connection in real time. Streaming media technology that is a system consisting of various components that support each other, allowing a person to broadcast live for radio and television. Even the atmosphere of a company's general meeting is witnessed in real time by all subsidiary management in the regions.

From the source sender with live streaming media technology, a data of either audio, video or other multimedia form, is sent from the source through an application server containing streaming media technology. Then the data is displayed continuously with the same time on the receiving computer.

Streaming media is the development of MPEG technology. Simply put, there are two processes on the server computer data sender and the receiver computer that is the process of coding and decoding. Coding is the process of compressing data to be sent on a server computer. Then the transmitted data is converted back into a format compatible with the receiver or decoding computer so that the compressed voice data is restored to sound according to the original.

Similarly, when the data is compressed in the form of video. The coding and decoding process occurs simultaneously so there is no pause between the sender and the receiver.

Along with the advancement of live streaming technology, the radio media did not miss to adopt this live streaming technology so now we know a lot of internet radio or e-radio or live streaming radio. So far, radio broadcasting has been limited by permission to use the radio wave domain that is deliberately restricted, so there are local radio and national radio using satellite connection. With live streaming technology, everything becomes no limitations anymore.

With streaming media technology, everything is open and only exist in one environment called internet world. By using streaming media, internet radio can transmit and receive information in the form of voice and data freely without any distance, space and time constraints.

An internet radio using streaming technology based on lossy audio codec. Lossy audio codec is a computer technology that has the ability to compress both data in the form of video and audio, then convert it into streaming sound format which is then sent through the internet radio. Nowadays some of the streaming audio formats that are used for the benefit of internet radio broadcast are MP3, Windows Media Audio, Ogg Vorbis, RealAudio and most popular is the aacPlus format.

With the technological advantage of live streaming or streaming media, an internet radio or web radio service or whatever the name is, can be accessed by anyone and anywhere because it is not affected by the strong radio signals as it does in traditional radio stations.

Thus, this internet radio broadcast allows a person to monitor their favorite radio broadcasts wherever they are. For example, you live in Jakarta and always monitor a broadcast from a particular radio station. Then at one time you were at a place in any part of the world, with live streaming technology allowing you to keep listening to the radio in real time.

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