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Watch Online Xtra 8TV Malaysia Live Streaming. The Controversies of 8TV Malaysia That Happened in the Past. It is not a secret anymore that 8TV Malaysia is quite new on the Malaysian TV industry. Even though, the name is quite known. It is because of the high quality contents and programs that are aired by this TV channel, despite of the fact that this channel does not air for 24-hours a day.However, as one of those newcomer in the world of Malaysian TV industry, it turned out that this TV channel already has some controversies that many people will never forget. Of course, some of those controversies are not that problematic, but still that is a scar in their face. Here are some of the controversies that this TV channel had in the past. The first one is something that many people will never forget. That is because the problem occurred on the Euro 2004. On this great world soccer event, one of the sponsor was Carlsberg. Of course, on the western region that is not a problem at all. However, on the eastern region, they have a kind of rule where this kind of commercial should not be advertised. Even if it has to be advertised, there are some rules that you need to follow. Unfortunately, this TV channel seemed to forget that kind of thing. As the result, this TV channel was fined for 50,000 Malaysian Ringgit. Judging from the number, it was about 10,000 to 12,000 dollars around that time. The number is not that much, but that thing left a scar on the name of this TV channel.

The next one is another simple problem because it happened on the live event by this TV channel. In 2008, on the spectacular birthday concert of 8TV Malaysia, they put the concert in live. That is because they want to share the joy of celebrating the birthday with all of the people in Malaysia. Unfortunately, one of the artist tore down his shirt and showed his bare chest. This is something that gained the attention from the committee. As the result, this channel was banned to do the live show for the next three months. That is something quite tragic for a simple mistake actually.

The last one happened in 2011. It was about a one TV commercial on the Ramadan. You surely have known that Malaysia is one of those countries with the largest Moslem population. Because of that reason, when Ramadan comes all of the people will try their best to put the respect to the Moslems who are fasting. However, there was a commercial related with Ramadan with a Chinese actress wearing a short pants and tank top who eat in front of the Moslem people who are fasting. This kind of simple thing turned out to be a controversy because some people think that the commercial is impolite. Fortunately, there is not band or fine for this TV channel. They just have to remove that commercial and ask for the proper forgiveness from all of the people in Malaysia. This is another unique TV controversy that you might only find in Malaysia. TV Malaysia Online

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