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TV IKIM is a television station in Malaysia that was launched in 2010. It is operated by the same organization that runs Radio IKIM, the Institute of Islamic Understanding Malaysia (IKIM), which is a government-funded body tasked with promoting a better understanding of Islam in Malaysia.

TV IKIM Online Live Streaming Malaysia

TV IKIM broadcasts a range of programs related to Islam, including religious lectures, talk shows, documentaries, and dramas. The station aims to provide a platform for Islamic scholars and experts to share their knowledge and insights with the wider public, and to promote a more informed and nuanced understanding of Islam among Malaysians.

Broadcasts on various frequencies across Malaysia. It can be viewed on satellite TV and is also available on several cable TV providers, including Astro and Unifi TV. In addition, many of its programs can be viewed online via its official website and YouTube channel.

One of the station's flagship programs is "Rumah Terbuka IKIM", which airs during the Muslim holy month of Ramadan. The program features a series of special segments that showcase different aspects of Islamic culture and tradition, including food, music, and art. Has also played a role in promoting interfaith dialogue and understanding in Malaysia. In 2011, it launched a program called "Salam", which featured discussions and debates between representatives of different faiths, including Islam, Christianity, and Buddhism.

Is an important platform for promoting a better understanding of Islam in Malaysia, and for fostering dialogue and understanding between different communities in the country. As a writer, you could explore these themes further and provide a more detailed analysis of the station's programming and impact.

Radio IKIM is a radio station in Malaysia, operated by the Institute of Islamic Understanding Malaysia. Launched on July 6, 2001, by then-Prime Minister Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad, is the first 24-hour Islamic radio station in Malaysia. Most of the station's programs are related to Islam, which is the official religion of Malaysia.

Broadcasts on the frequency of 91.5 MHz in the Klang Valley can be heard throughout the country. It can also be heard in Singapore, Batam Island in Indonesia, Brunei, and southern Thailand (Satun, Songkhla, and Narathiwat). The station's frequency was previously used by RFM (now Red FM) before switching to 104.9 MHz in the Klang Valley at the beginning of 2000. can also be accessed online through its website.

In 2002, Radio IKIM's frequency in Johor Bahru, which was broadcast from Gunung Pulai, was changed from 107.9 MHz to 106.2 MHz.

In the 2010s, expanded its broadcast to Miri on FM 104.0 MHz, Lahad Datu on FM 107.3 MHz, and Tawau on FM 100.7 MHz to target Muslim listeners in those areas. In addition, added a transmitter in Balik Pulau, Penang, on 102.7 MHz to cover the southwest area of the island where the Gunung Jerai FM 89.0 MHz transmitter cannot be received.

In 2016, the frequency in Kuching, which was broadcast from Bukit Djin, was changed from 93.6 MHz to 93.7 MHz.

Approximately 95% of Radio IKIM's programs are presented in Malay, while the remaining programs are presented in Arabic and English. According to a survey conducted by The Nielsen Company (Malaysia), an international radio research company, in their latest study reported in Wave 2, 2010, about 786,000 listeners in Peninsular Malaysia follow this Islamic radio station.

In June 2016, upgraded the transmission frequency of Kedah, Perlis, and Penang on FM 89.0 MHz by relocating the transmitter to Upper Gunung Jerai, which allowed Penang and northern Perak to receive Radio IKIM's broadcast on 89.0 MHz clearly. Previously, FM 89.0 MHz was not receivable in Penang and northern Perak, but it was interfered with by a radio station from Thailand (Yala) in Penang.

The programs on TV IKIM cover a broad range of topics related to Islam and the Muslim lifestyle. Some of the popular programs on the channel include:

  1. Tanyalah Ustaz - A talk show where viewers can ask questions related to Islamic teachings, and the Ustaz will provide answers based on the Quran and Hadith.
  2. Al-Quran Hidayah - A program that aims to promote the understanding of the Quran and its teachings.
  3. Hiburan Ilmiah - A program that provides entertainment while at the same time delivering educational and moral values.
  4. Documentary Islam - A program that explores the Islamic heritage and history in Malaysia and the world.
  5. Siri Kembara Ilmu - A travel program that combines adventure with knowledge and Islamic values.
  6. Program Ibadat - Programs related to religious practices, such as prayer and fasting.

TV IKIM is available on Astro Malaysia's Channel 114, and it can also be watched online through its website or through its YouTube channel. The channel has gained popularity among Malaysian viewers due to its informative and entertaining programs, which are delivered in a professional and engaging manner.

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