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TV1 Malaysia Online Live Streaming, Best of TV1 Malaysia Programs That You Have to Watch For all of the people who lived in Malaysia, the name of TV1 Malaysia is one famous thing. That is because this TV channel is the first and the oldest TV channel that you can find in Malaysia. That is why many people from some different generations are still watching this TV channel even though the channel has been there for a long time. For your information, even though this channel has been airing for many years, this TV channel is still airing some of the best shows that many people still love to watch. If you are interested, here are some of the best shows that you can find from this oldest TV channel in Malaysia.

For the start, the news program, there are actually quite a lot of news programs with a good rating. That is because the channel was started as the main portal for all of the people to learn about the things happened in Malaysia. That is why there are quite a lot of news programs that you can find on this channel. Some of them are Warta Perdana, Warta 1, and Warta Negeri. Those three programs are considered as some of the best news programs that you need to watch. As time goes, there are also some other additions for this kind of programs such as Dunia Hari Ini, Parlimen Hari Ini and Bisnes Malaysia. All of those additions are something that more and more people need.

TV Malaysia Online, Even though news program is considered as the main attraction from the TV1 Malaysia - TV1 Malaysia Online Live Streaming, does not mean that the channel will only give you the news program. That is because this channel also has some nice sports programs and also the documentary programs. For the sports programs, you can watch Info Sukan, Jaguh Sukan RTM, and Sukan 2007. These three sports programs are considered as the leading sports programs in Malaysia. That is because these programs offer you the sports news from inside and outside Malaysia. For the documentary programs, you can watch Panorama, Kawasan Saya, and Galeri Perdana. These programs are the best that you can watch for the documentary programs because there are a lot of interesting things that you can find there. Even though the programs only cover the area in Malaysia, at least those shows are more than entertaining.

If you need a real entertainment program, you do not need to worry about that. This TV channel also has some nice comedy programs such as KB Sentral and Salam Pantai Timur. These two comedy programs will surely make you laugh hard. For those who are looking for the original drama in Malaysia, you can also find it from some of the drama TV programs from TV1 Malaysia - TV1 Malaysia Online Live Streaming. Some of them are Sutera, Arca, and Delima Wanita. These dramas are the most favorite ones by many in-house mothers to watch. You can also watch them too if you want. In conclusion, even though this TV channel is the oldest one, this TV channel still gives you a lot of nice TV programs.

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