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NTV7 is a private television station in Malaysia that was launched on April 7th, 1998. The station offers various programs in Malay, English, Mandarin, and Indian languages. is owned by Natseven TV Sdn Bhd, a private television company. Its most popular program is My News Network. In 2005, NTV7 was bought by Media Prima for RM 90 million. According to AGB Nielsen's statistics, is the preferred channel for Chinese viewers, with 145,000 viewers on its debut, and it holds 36% of Chinese viewers over 25 years old.

NTV7 Live

NTV7 broadcasts various types of programs such as drama, comedy, entertainment, games, animation, and others. News broadcasts are delivered in three languages, namely Edisi 7, 7 Edition, and Mandarin 7. Since it began operations in 1998, has been well-received by audiences in Malaysia. Broadcasting is done through ten transmitters located throughout Malaysia, and it usually starts at 8.00 am and ends at 10.00 pm.

On March 5th, 2018, changed its logo again, with the return of the "ntv" text, which had disappeared in 2006. At the same time, NTV7 changed its slogan to "Feel It." On November 1st, 2020, the CEO of Media Prima Television Networks, Dato' Khairul Anwar Salleh, announced that would target the 15-28 age group with a focus on magazines, information, and current programs to meet public needs. All Korean dramas will no longer be shown, and all Chinese programs will be integrated into 8TV. The South Korean variety show Running Man will remain on this channel along with the home shopping block, CJ Wow Shop.

On November 18th, 2020, DidikTV@ntv7, an education program block, was introduced by the Malaysian Ministry of Education from November 23rd, 2020, to January 16th, 2021, running from 9.00 am to 12.00 pm every Monday to Friday. It was later divided into two-time slots (9.00 am-12.00 pm and 3.00 pm-5.00 pm) on January 27th, 2021, so educational programs are broadcast every day.

On February 12th, 2021, the Malaysian Ministry of Education announced that NTV7 would be renamed after its takeover as a full-fledged educational television channel known as DidikTV KPM from February 17th; the new channel will focus on education content based on the SPM curriculum and the common curriculum. It will also provide educational news, edutainment programs, and content produced by students. The channel will have 17 hours of airtime and will run every day from 7.00 am to 12.00 pm. On February 16th, 2021, Media Prima confirmed to The Edge Markets that NTV7 would not die, while the current team will focus on DidikTV KPM.

Since the launch of DidikTV KPM, the main Edisi 7 news broadcast has been completely replaced by Bulletin Didik, while the 7 Edition has been redirected to the digital program. South Korean variety show Running Man and home shopping block CJ Wow Shop have stopped airing on the channel. "Soal Drama" has been moved to TV9, while Running Man has been moved to TV2 since February 21st, 2021. Some original programs such as Trio On Point, Topik@7, and Breakfast@9PM

NTV7 is a Malaysian television station that was established on April 7, 1998, by Tan Sri Datuk Seri Mohd Effendi Norwawi. It received overwhelming support from audiences of all ages and backgrounds in Malaysia. The broadcasts are transmitted through 10 transmitters located throughout Malaysia, and programming typically runs from 7:00 am until 1:00 am the following day. Currently, runs programming until 2:00 am the following day.

On April 4, 2022, began broadcasting 24 hours a day for the first time and is now linked to Hot FM. Hot FM now broadcasts from Sunday to Friday from midnight until 9:30 am and on Saturdays from midnight until 7 am. In October 2005, Media Prima Berhad announced its acquisition of NTV7. Media Prima also owns three other private television stations in Malaysia, namely TV3, 8TV, and TV9, as well as a majority stake in The New Straits Times Press (Malaysia) Bhd.

The acquisition of NTV7 by MPB was completed on December 30, 2005. The station was positioned as a family-oriented channel for urban viewers, which was reinforced by the introduction of a new logo in July 2006, emphasizing its commitment to providing excellent and quality content for its loyal viewers. focuses on English-speaking urban audiences.

According to a report by Berita Harian on March 31, 2006, based on AGB Nielsen statistics, NTV7 became the primary choice for Chinese-speaking viewers, with 145,000 viewers at its premiere. captured approximately 36 percent of Chinese viewers aged 25 and above. In the past, enjoyed a period of glory when it featured notable names such as Wan Kamaruddin, Zaini Ahmad, Norazlina Awang Had, and other personalities.

However, NTV7's popularity began to wane when its personalities left one by one, leaving an impact on the station that could not be ignored. Their departure left a lasting impact, and their decisions caused the station to lose its shine. In 2009, refreshed its entire content, featuring programs focused on healthy lifestyles, entertainment, current issues, and sports programs that cater to the tastes of Chinese and urban viewers.

NTV7 turned 15 years old in 2013. During its 15-year run, the station made every effort to produce quality content and attract more viewers each year. As it approached its anniversary, strengthened its position as one of the leading television networks and offered quality programs that would captivate families and keep them watching without getting bored. NTV7 introduced its latest position for 2013, targeting its premium brand towards professionals, managers, executives, businessmen, or PMEBs, also known as Modern Urban Progressive Adults (MUPAs). MUPAs are individuals aged 25 to 45 with urban and global thinking, possessing several characteristics such as wisdom and style, modern with a global taste, busy lifestyles, on-the-go, and family-oriented.

Program ntv7

NTV7 is a television channel in Malaysia that broadcasts a variety of programs, including news, dramas, lifestyle, entertainment, and sports. Some of the popular programs are:

  1. News: broadcasts news programs such as "7 Edition", "News at 8", and "Money Matters". These programs cover both local and international news.
  2. Dramas: airs a variety of dramas, including local and international productions. Some of the popular dramas are "My Coffee Prince", "Bromance", and "Guardian: The Lonely and Great God".
  3. Lifestyle: offers lifestyle programs that cater to the interests of its target audience, such as "Bella", "Living Delight", and "Home Sweet Home".
  4. Entertainment: airs entertainment programs such as "Asia's Got Talent", "The Amazing Race Asia", and "Project Superstar".
  5. Sports: broadcasts sports events such as the Olympics, the FIFA World Cup, and the Commonwealth Games.

NTV7 is committed to providing quality programs that cater to the needs and interests of its viewers. The channel is constantly updating its program lineup to ensure that it remains relevant and engaging to its target audience. read to mara tv

Program Internasional

NTV7 has a few international programs on its schedule. Here are some examples:

  1. MasterChef Australia - A cooking competition that features amateur home cooks from Australia.
  2. The Ellen DeGeneres Show - A talk show hosted by Ellen DeGeneres, featuring celebrity interviews, comedy, and music performances.
  3. America's Funniest Home Videos - A television show that showcases funny and humorous videos submitted by viewers in the United States.
  4. The Amazing Race Asia - A reality competition show where teams race around Asia completing tasks and challenges to win a cash prize.
  5. Grey's Anatomy - A medical drama series that follows the personal and professional lives of doctors at a fictional Seattle hospital.
  6. NCIS - A crime procedural drama series that follows a team of special agents from the Naval Criminal Investigative Service as they investigate crimes related to the U.S. Navy and Marine Corps.

Note that the availability of these programs on NTV7 may vary depending on the broadcast rights and agreements.

Komedi Drama

One popular comedy/drama program on ntv7 is "Superhero Diaries," which tells the story of a group of friends who gain superpowers and try to navigate their new abilities while dealing with everyday life. The show has a mix of humor and heartwarming moments, making it an enjoyable watch for viewers who enjoy both comedy and drama. Another program that fits this category is "The Apartment," a reality competition show that follows aspiring interior designers as they compete for a grand prize while facing various challenges and obstacles. The show has both comedic and dramatic moments and is a great blend of both genres.

NTV7 is a Malaysian television channel that features a variety of comedy shows. Here are some of the popular comedy programs:

  1. "The 8TV Quickie" - a daily talk show that features celebrity interviews, comedy skits, and other entertaining segments.
  2. "Stand Up Malaysia" - a series that showcases some of Malaysia's best stand-up comedians, as they perform in front of live audiences.
  3. "Oh My English" - is a sitcom about an English teacher who struggles to teach his students the language, while dealing with his own personal issues.
  4. "Senario" - a long-running sketch comedy show that features some of Malaysia's most popular comedians.
  5. "Spanar Jaya" - is a comedy series about a group of mechanics who get into all sorts of hilarious misadventures.

These are just a few examples of comedy programs available on NTV7.

NTV7 has produced and aired a variety of dramas over the years. Here are some popular drama series that have aired:

  1. "My Heart" - is a romantic drama about a love triangle between a girl, her best friend, and a new guy who moves to town.
  2. "Adam dan Hawa" - is a drama about two people from different backgrounds who fall in love and face challenges from their families and society.
  3. "Nora Elena" - is a drama about a girl who moves to the city to pursue her dreams and finds love along the way.
  4. "Cinta Jangan Pergi" - is a drama about a couple who face challenges in their relationship and try to overcome them.
  5. "Isteri Separuh Masa" - is a drama about a man who has two wives and the challenges he faces in balancing his time and affection between them.
  6. "Dewa Cinta" - is a fantasy drama about a cupid who helps people find love, but has his own struggles with love and relationships.
  7. "Teman Lelaki Upahan" - is a drama about a woman who hires a male friend to pretend to be her boyfriend to make her ex jealous, but ends up falling for him.

These are just a few examples of the many dramas that have aired.

Wow Shop

Wow Shop is a shopping program that airs on ntv7 Malaysia. It features a variety of products such as home appliances, beauty and personal care items, and fashion accessories. The show offers viewers the opportunity to purchase these products via phone or online. Wow Shop is known for its live demonstrations of the products, showcasing their features and benefits to potential customers. It also offers exclusive deals and promotions for its viewers. The program usually airs for several hours daily, allowing viewers to tune in at their convenience and shop for their desired items.


NTV7 had several entertainment programs in the past, but as of my knowledge cutoff is 2021, and the channel has shifted its focus toward news and information. However, some of the entertainment programs that used to air in the past include reality shows like "So You Think You Can Dance Malaysia," "Akademi Fantasia," and "Malaysia's Got Talent." There was also drama series and game shows such as "Deal or No Deal Malaysia" and "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?" Additionally, NTV7 used to air movies and music programs such as "Music Everywhere" and "The Singing Office."

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