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Nabawi TV Live

Nabawi TV is an exceptional Muslim content provider that embodies the essence of prophethood. Their motivation lies in their ability to create programs that introduce people to the Prophet Muhammad, inspire a love for him, and encourage the following of his teachings.

The term "Nabawi" also signifies their commitment to conveying messages rooted in an unbroken chain of transmission, known as sanad, which has been passed down from the time of the Prophet until the present day, through the noble scholars of Islam.

By emphasizing the word "Nabawi," they aim to remind audiences that this is not just television but a medium that seeks to represent and manifest the noble qualities and teachings of Prophet Muhammad. It serves as a channel through which the light of his character shines brightly.

Nabawi TV stands out by adhering to the following principles:

  1. Non-Political: They maintain a non-political stance, focusing solely on spreading the message of Islam without any bias or involvement in political matters.
  2. Non-Provocative: Their content is designed to foster unity and harmony by avoiding provocative or divisive narratives.
  3. Inclusive & Unifying: Nabawi TV seeks to embrace and unite people from all walks of life, regardless of their backgrounds or affiliations.
  4. Introspective: Their programs encourage introspection and self-reflection, prompting viewers to evaluate and improve their relationship with Allah and others.
  5. Moderate: Nabawi TV promotes a balanced and moderate understanding of Islam, steering clear of extremes and promoting a middle-path approach.
Nabawi TV Media Televisi Islam Ahlussunnah Waljamaah

Nabawi TV's commitment to its unique vision and principles sets them apart as a remarkable Muslim content provider. Through their content, they aim to illuminate the hearts and minds of viewers, fostering a deep connection with the teachings of Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him.

Marawis Corner

Marawis Corner is a captivating Islamic music competition that showcases the rich tradition of Hadroh Banjari. As part of Season 1, this program brings together talented musicians and performers who excel in the art of Hadroh Banjari, a rhythmic and melodic style of music commonly associated with Indonesian Islamic culture.

Nabawi TV proudly presents Marawis Corner, offering viewers an opportunity to witness the exceptional talent and passion of these participants. The competition serves as a platform for these artists to showcase their skills, creativity, and devotion to Islamic music.

Throughout the season, viewers can expect enchanting performances, soulful melodies, and vibrant rhythms that are characteristic of Hadroh Banjari. The program aims to uplift hearts, inspire spiritual connection, and foster a deeper appreciation for Islamic music.

By exclusively broadcasting Marawis Corner, Nabawi TV demonstrates its commitment to providing unique and meaningful content that reflects the beauty and diversity of Islamic culture. Tune in to Nabawi TV and immerse yourself in the mesmerizing world of Hadroh Banjari through Marawis Corner.

Cahaya Islam Di Nusantara (Wali Songo)

"Cahaya Islam Di Nusantara (Wali Songo)": A Journey to the Mausoleums of the Wali Songo Saints.

This captivating documentary program takes viewers on a remarkable journey across the Indonesian archipelago to explore the mausoleums and sacred sites associated with the Wali Songo, the nine Islamic saints who played a pivotal role in spreading Islam in the region. Led by Alhabib Muhammad Assegaf, the program presents an awe-inspiring and informative expedition that spans eight special episodes.

In each episode, viewers are transported to different locations, discovering the historical significance and spiritual heritage of the Wali Songo. The program delves into the lives, teachings, and legacies of these revered saints, shedding light on their contributions to Islam and their efforts in nurturing a harmonious Muslim society in Indonesia.

Throughout the journey, Alhabib Muhammad Assegaf shares his knowledge and insights, providing valuable information about the cultural, religious, and historical aspects of each site. Viewers are treated to breathtaking landscapes, vibrant local traditions, and engaging interviews with local scholars and community members.

The program "Cahaya Islam Di Nusantara (Wali Songo)" not only offers a visually stunning experience but also imparts valuable knowledge and inspiring lessons. It serves as a source of enlightenment and deepens the understanding of the rich Islamic heritage in Indonesia. Whether viewers are seeking historical knowledge, spiritual inspiration, or a deeper connection with their faith, this documentary series offers a transformative and enlightening journey.

Kejayaan Islam Di Bumi Sriwijaya (Ziarah Kubro)

"Kejayaan Islam Di Bumi Sriwijaya (Ziarah Kubro)": A Documentary Journey through the Land of Sriwijaya.

This captivating documentary program offers a comprehensive coverage of the annual Ziarah Kubro pilgrimage, a significant event organized by the government of South Sumatra. Spanning across five special episodes, the program combines historical narratives with captivating insights into the rich history of Palembang, making it a truly engaging experience.

Each episode focuses on a different ulama's tomb visited during the Ziarah Kubro pilgrimage. Viewers are taken on a remarkable journey to explore the history, significance, and teachings associated with these revered scholars. Through interviews with local scholars, historians, and religious figures, the program sheds light on the profound influence these ulama had on the development of Islam in the region.

Furthermore, the program highlights the diverse and fascinating history of Palembang itself. It showcases the city's cultural heritage, architectural marvels, and captivating stories that have shaped its identity. Viewers will gain a deeper understanding of the historical context surrounding the growth and spread of Islam in the ancient kingdom of Sriwijaya.

"Kejayaan Islam Di Bumi Sriwijaya (Ziarah Kubro)" not only presents a visually captivating experience but also provides valuable insights into the Islamic history and cultural heritage of Palembang. This documentary series serves as a source of inspiration and education, fostering a deeper appreciation for the contributions of ulama and the historical significance of the region. Watch live suke tv

Nabawi Fair

Nabawi Fair: An Islamic Festival of Diversity and Enrichment.

Nabawi Fair is an exciting Islamic festival that offers a wide range of activities designed to cater to diverse interests and provide enriching experiences. From enlightening tausiyah (religious lectures) by esteemed scholars to engaging workshops, thought-provoking discussions, soulful music performances, and vibrant bazaars, this festival promises something for everyone.

During its inaugural event, Nabawi Fair drew thousands of visitors, and its success is expected to continue to grow in future editions. This festival serves as a platform to bring together individuals from various backgrounds and communities to celebrate and embrace the teachings of Islam.

The tausiyah sessions delivered by renowned scholars provide spiritual guidance and enlighten attendees about different aspects of the faith. Workshops offer opportunities for personal development, fostering a deeper understanding of Islamic teachings and practices. Engaging discussions tackle contemporary issues from an Islamic perspective, encouraging intellectual growth and fostering unity among attendees.

The musical performances add a soulful touch to the festival, inspiring a love for Islamic music and art. The bazaar, filled with a variety of vendors, offers an array of products and services, promoting a sense of community and commerce within the Islamic sphere.

Nabawi Fair aims to become an annual event that gathers individuals passionate about their faith and provides them with a platform to learn, connect, and celebrate together. It aspires to create an inclusive and vibrant atmosphere that fosters unity and encourages personal growth within the Muslim community and beyond.

Whether attending as a visitor or actively participating in the various activities, Nabawi Fair promises a memorable experience filled with knowledge, inspiration, and a sense of community. cek this rtmklik

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