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1News TV Malaysia Live Streaming TV Online I'm going to show you how I edit my videos to make them more interesting to hide mistakes I'm going to show you how to keep the momentum going as well as some other tricks that you can use to make your videos look fantastic and we're starting right now
1News TV Malaysia Live Streaming TV Online
This is video 6 in the series on how to make videos for youtube if you have not watched the other videos yet there will be a playlist linked down in the description below that will start you at the beginning ok for this one we are going to need to be in front of the computer just so you know in advance I'm going to show you the process that I use to edit the videos for my other channel all our questions I go over the basics of color correction I show you how to use stock assets as well as some other tips to help speed up your editing process so this video is definitely going to be longer than what you're used to on this channel. Watch Live: Malaysia 1 News (Malay) from Malaysia

If you're interested in learning how to edit videos for youtube you're definitely going to want to watch the whole thing also let me know any questions or suggestions that you have about editing videos down in the comments below now let's head over the computer before we get started I want to say that if the software you use does not support some of the things I go over in this video like color correction for example i'll put links to software that does down in the description below for this tutorial I'm using Sony Vegas 12 and the first thing I want to go over that's pretty important to making your videos look good is color this video here is from my all our questions channel

I get all kinds of compliments about how professional these videos look and the reason for that is I use a lot of stock footage in them I pump the colors up to make everything look great for example this light as I mentioned in a previous video I have a blue light projecting into the curtain that is behind me the reason for it being blue is because it's contrasting to my skin tone and kind of helps me pop out a little bit as well and the setup that I have the attention still on me I'm still in the forefront I'm the most focused object in the camera and I have my screen over here on the left that is basically branding my channel in addition to the watermark so in the event that this video ends up anywhere people can always know that they can find my stuff at all our questions okay this is what a finished all our questions video looks like as far as the tracks are concerned there's a lot of tracks on here some of them I could delete looks like I can delete this one maybe a couple more here so I have a few bloated tracks maybe some ideas that I was working on that I deleted but you can see the basics of what goes in to putting one of those videos together as you can see I have my video track down here my original audio my processed audio my music track this is where I put my stock footage there's multiple tracks here for the graphics for my intro here I do my branding intro and of course I have my end card over here

I have my watermark and lower third which I turned off for that particular video but just so you can see that I wanted to show you all the different tracks involved which really you could probably compress this if you didn't have the animated intro or I made that in another file technically I could compress this whole thing down to probably eight maybe ten different tracks if I wanted to okay let's go over color so what I'm going to do is I'm going to go to my track effects here in Sony Vegas that's what I'm using and I'm going to turn off all of my effects so you can see what my video looks like straight out of the camera this is it huge difference right in comparison to what you see on the channel right I mean that's a pretty pretty dull image right I mean it works you know worst case scenario I could use that but that's what it looks like now the first thing I do is I color correct the footage. malaysia news live

If you look here you will see that I use a gray card which this is actually a little bit blurry but for that particular thing it doesn't matter because I'm just sampling the colors off of that I do this inside of the color corrector plug-in in Vegas this is a stock plug-in it comes with and I basically just use this in this to sample the colors right off of this card and it kind of helps balance my colors out in the that my camera isn't set how it should be and you can see by the adjustments here that it did require just a small little tweak to balance my my blacks and my whites out next thing I do is I add go to a screen here so you can see is I add contrast it's not a huge difference right but it is a difference indeed of course

I sharpen the footage and here this is my secret weapon Magic Bullet Looks I am now what I did here is I set up a within the plugin for Magic Bullet Looks I set up some different looks that are my preference so by doing this you know I have my different options that I can choose from like this right here I usually use this when I'm in when I'm recording the videos in the living room with the living room backdrop this one is a good setting for the digital series which is now the color correction that I use for pretty much most of the videos that I make this is a setting point it's kind of a greenish kind of that Hollywood ish look most of my earlier videos for that channel were had this setting but basically in this particular plugin again I I can go more in depth in this in another video but not this video at this time but basically you can go in you can add all of these different options to your video to give it different looks and different effects I mean this is a pro plugin it's expensive but it definitely is worth it if you you know if you want to give it that extra pop okay the next thing I want to go over is the actual editing process itself now what I do

This is really going to speed you up and I mentioned this in the video about scripting but if you if I turn off the stock image here then you'll see that I'm not even looking at the camera and this really speeds things up watch 385 ad Saint Patrick is also a patron saint of Ireland also known as the ax pop okay so what I did there is I basically for this particular part in my script I knew that I wasn't going to be looking at the screen I knew that I was going to use stock footage to express that idea so for that block of information it's been at my recording process because I didn't even have to look at the screen for it I just I mean I didn't have to look at the lens I just had to look at my laptop and read what was on my notepad okay another trick I want to show you and this is with jump cutting

I'm going to turn that audio off right there I'm going to go back to the original now if you listen the Catholics which basically got rid of all of the pagans who apparently all had tattoos of snakes at the time the celebration of st. Pat okay if you notice at the end of each clip I basically with the tone of my voice I basically set up the next clip listen again the Catholics which basically got rid of all of the pagans who apparently all had tattoos of snakes at the time so what I did when I was writing my script is I ended my sentences with words or with tones that would help me move on to the next script for the sake of Earth to the next line for the sake of momentum. malaysia news headlines

What I do also when I'm jump cutting and this is really what jump cutting is is as you can see right here in the waveform of my audio you can see this right here is when I start saying is where I start saying which basically this is the very beginning of the w-4 which when you're making jump cuts you want to get that next clip as close to the word as you possibly can because that helps keep your momentum going and helps keep any dead space from happening that kind of makes the video uncomfortable and a lot of people do this if you don't zoom in on the track you might not even know that you can get it that close or if you just eyeball it for the sake of speed or something but you can really keep the momentum of a track going or of a video going by getting that cut as close as possible another thing that I want to show you which I think is very important when you are making your video this is the use of and I can't stress this enough I'm always talking about it the use of stock graphics and footage and all of that in your videos the reason for this is it kind of breaks things up it helps illustrate your ideas

It helps break up the scene but motion of these things is to me what is the most important part of it of course you want to use the right clip or the right image or the right graphic you know for your idea but instead of just leaving things stagnant and leaving things with no motion whatsoever it's a personal preference of mine and I personally think that it helps you know it helps hold interest and helps keep the video moving along two edged a little bit of motion even to those graphics as you can see right here now that graphic all it is is a picture that's it it's a picture this is my this is how I add motion to it and it looks like it's a video track because it's just floating it's floating around so it looks like it's a video track but in reality this right here is the actual graphic that I used it's a stock graphic I got it off of dollar photo Club which is now Adobe stock and here I just started it up here twisted it and it ended down here to give it motion which kind of brings the whole thing to life

You can also see I added a slight vignette around this and the reason for that is you know there's other people that are using this particular graphic so I just wanted to do something to make it stand out you know make it look just a little bit different everything that I use i'll add some type of effect even if it's just a boost in color i'll add something to it to separate it from what other people are are using it for you can see here I do the same exact thing with the motion here this again this is just an image right and you can see that here it starts in the middle

Then it just zooms in right so the effect that that has is it kind of gives it the feel of a video this is actually called the Ken Burns effect where you take a photo and you add motion to it like this so if you want to know more about the Ken Burns effect you can of course Google for that and you'll run across all types of cool information that is related to the Ken Burns effect another thing that I want to show you here is I mentioned in a previous video about the importance of speeding things up by recording shorter clips and when you make a mistake basically stopping your clip or you know within a small series of mistakes

I'm going to show you exactly what I mean by that and how it speeds things up so here I'm getting ready to talk about st. Patrick and and here's how that comes together in practice Patrick was eventually appointed the first bishop of Ireland and is thought to have died on March 17th 491 okay or 60 so there that was a mistake I got the information wrong so a few different ways I can approach this one if I was actually an editing process I would say I'd watch this and I'd say okay Patrick I'd watch this and say st. Patrick st. Patrick was eventually appointed the first st. Patrick was eventually cute didn't get through this time st. Patrick was st. Patrick was eventually st. Patrick st. Patrick was eventually upon okay within a few so here I know that a few years because I went through all of these tracks right here there's a couple things that I know one that this right here is the track that I want to use second for the sake of hard drive space I know that if I want to if I don't want to keep those other edits or if I don't want to keep those other recordings I can delete all of these if I want to so for the sake of this tutorial I'm going to pull this in I'm going to pull. malaysian politics news

I'm going to show you the cut that I do for the actual jump cut all I do is I bring it back now I'm sure this is the right clip but I'm going to use it anyway just to show you for the sake of bringing these together you know what let's use the right one okay last one worked with this one okay since I since I ran across that I want to mention that as well doing it this way doing it this way it's it's really helpful and speeds up your process as well if you leave yourself video notes so let's let's say for the sake of this let's say you record a video month in advance well when it comes time to edit the video you might have forgotten the details of your script you might have forgotten you know where it is that you needed to do something in the editing process so if you leave yourself video and audio notes it kind of helps you pull the thing together faster when it comes time to edit your video now one thing personally for me I you know I'm actually going to find this part in the video because I'm not sure how I cut this because of how this cut happens I doing it now I would actually want to put a stock graphic or image or something there because I'm not comfortable with how that transition takes place because I'm in a totally different spot so let's go to the stock folder on that I'm going to show you the difference that adding something can make so we will just add the image here

What this is going to do is this is going to actually hide the mistake or not the mistake but just a little part that I'm happy with or not happy with in that transition watch 17th 461 within just a few years of st. Patrick's death he began to be celebrated as a holy saint okay now I would cut this there before the next one starts for the next line starts within just a few years of st. Patrick's death he began to be celebrated as all so when I'm when I'm doing my my cuts right or when I'm doing my stock and my graphic and everything another thing that I want to note here is I usually I will stop the footage pretty close to where I stopped saying one thing and I go into the next or in-between words or something like that it kind of gives it more of a natural feel and I had a friend of mine tell me this one time he was editing videos this is several years back. malaysia tv channel

He said the same thing I said wow you know how do you know you know the right places to cut things and he said well I just I just feel it I just watch the video and I and I go with what feels right and I suggest you do the same if you if you take the time to just sit back and watch your video and try to get into the different aspects of of the motion of the video that feel the video the momentum of the video then you know you can start to see where you should add things and cut things and stop things and so on so that's basically how you would hide something that you are not comfortable with or a mistake or say you make a stupid face and you want to cover it up using stock footage and graphics and all that is a fantastic way to do that

It makes everything seem 'less so the person that's watching your video they don't really know what's going on behind the scenes as far as you know the mistakes that you've made and and the things that you're doing to cover up the mistakes that you've made or to make everything flow together as smooth as possible another thing I want to show you here is there are different ways that you can transition without using stock footage or any stock at all if you need to one of course is you can just let the jump cut happen it's what a lot of people do

It works fine I mean it's it's not you know it's there's not a wrong way to do it as long as your cut is tight but one thing that you can do let's say for this segment here sixty-one within just a few years of st. Patrick's death he began to be celebrated as a holy saint because I go into something else there so here I could also go into my crop tool and again if you do not have software that supports doing these kind of things I'm putting links in the description to download free software that you can install that does but basically what I would do here are another option that you can do here is you can do a zoom cut and what zoom cut does is it changes the zoom makes sense right zoom cut it changes the zoom of your image

You'll see a lot of people use this as well but it makes it makes a big difference watch 17th 461 within just a few years of st. Patrick's death he began to be celebrated as a holy thing you know what I would actually personally I'm actually stretched that out there we go he's 461 within just a few years of st. Patrick's death he began to be celebrated as a holy saint and even though he's never been canonized by the Pope he still looked at as now here's another thing I want to point out to you there's a breath that I took right here right I can take that out and tighten everything up just a tad more. malaysia news channel

That zoom cut allows me to do that been canonized by the Pope he still looked at as an official saint in the eyes of the church now we're going to play that in for a minute okay I would give that just a little bit of breathing room so that it feels right right there by the pope he still looked at as and of handin eyes by the pope he still looked at as enough now another place that this comes in handy is let's say you made a mistake right let's say you want to take out a breath you know like a long breath or say you burped or let's say you made an actual mistake of some kind well all you have to do is if you went by the rule that I mentioned in the video about recording your video you can go back to your clips right and you can say okay well I'm going to start this where my mistake left off or I'm going to start the video after I made my mistake

I'm just going to use a zoom cut to bring it in and then nobody's got to know that I made the mistake in the first place that's an excellent way to hide mistakes so that you can keep your video running smooth and you don't have to remember every single thing that you say and lastly another tool that you can use for situations like this like let's say that the zoom cut is not something that you want to use because it's just not the look that you are going for or you don't want it to be a hard cut another thing that you can do is you can actually use transitions so in this example I'm using a transition from tuber tools and I'm going to put this here and I know where to position

It'll just do a flash in between the two different parts and you can see they're the difference that even that makes now for the sake of this if I was using this in my video I would personally speed it up a tad put this back here drag this so it fills the screen and then there we go so the scene changes just a little bit it still zoomed in just a tad but when the scene changes this transition makes it to where you don't really see it now one thing I want to mention is this is good for breaking up segments really good for breaking up segments but I wouldn't recommend adding one of these in between every single cut that you make because it's kind of overkill

I would be kind of annoying to the person watching your video if you are interested in graphics like this or transitions like this you can head over to burr tools comm where you will find all kinds of these and other graphics that you can use for your youtube videos and your youtube channel hopefully you learned something about the editing process I know that video was a lot longer than you used to on this channel and congratulations for sticking through it because that shows that you are indeed interested in stepping up your content game remember.

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